Why Visit the Museo Maximo Laura?

So you don’t miss the opportunity to see and experience the largest collection of Peruvian tapestries by Maximo Laura, 5th generation textile artist condecorated as “Peru’s Living Human Treasure”.

Maximo Laura is Peru’s most renewed tapestry weaver and is known for mixing Peru’s textile tradition with a comtemporary aesthetic, contributing to giving Ancient Andean culture a voice of today.

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What is the Museo Maximo Laura?

After more than 35 years as a Textile Artist, Maximo Laura has explored the boundaries of Tapestry Art, experimenting and innovating through a number of techniques, themes and mediums, intertwining Peruvian tradition and contemporary art with the objective of providing a continuity of Peru’s Millenary textile tradition, experessing his views and the traditions of his culture through a voice of today.

In the Museo Maximo Laura one can see a selection of works from Maestro Laura’s Private Tapestry Collection, tapestires which have been collected through his carrer, these are the most complex and large works created by Maestro Laura and open to the public in the world.


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