“Urdiendo Hilos, Tramando Arte”

From the 8th till the 25th of september, 2022


“We are presenting what creativity can produce together with threads, textures, and fabrics. We cannot forget our tradition that goes back in time 5,000 years. Our traditions are unique in the world and they are still alive and still being used for creation”- Cristina Gutiérrez


The textile researcher and professional semiologist bring together Master Máximo Laura and 8 other national masters: Kristie Arias, Henry Ortíz, Lucila Quillahuamán, Mariana Baertl, Olga Engelman,  Angie Cienfuegos, Ivet Salazar, Maricruz Arribas, y Juan Pacheco in a 17 pieces collective exhibit.

This exhibit pays tribute to an ancestral use of fibers and textile techniques that are rooted in Peruvian culture and identity.

“Amaru” – Máximo Laura



Centro Cultural El Olivar, LIMA, C. La Republica 455, San Isidro 27

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.